A deep look into the civil rights movement

  I still remember when I encountered the civil rights movement for the first time back in 4th grade, reading a history book for kids. Skimming through a twenty page long text about Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, I learned that the civil rights movement in the 1960s was an enthusiastic social movement lead by a few African American civil rights activists who voiced out for equality for all. What I learned a few years later as a high school studentRead more

Two years after Sewol ferry disaster

I still remember what happened on April 16, 2014 in my home country, Korea. Two years from now, millions of the population heard the news of Sewol Ferry capsized while carrying over 400 passengers in the Yellow Sea. Most of them were 18 year old students from Danwon High School who faced death beneath the ocean. Media was soon flooded with the reports of divers pulling body after body from the watery wreckage and stories of families bringing the dead back home. Throughout theRead more

Is there racism in Korea?

Earlier this year, the sophomore class at Episcopal had a group discussion on one of our summer reading books called ‘A Lesson Before Dying’ by Ernest J. Gaines. We had an in-depth discussion on the heartbreaking novel about a young, uneducated African American who was wrongfully convicted of rubbery because of mere color of his skin. In the middle of the hour-long talk, someone in my table threw out a question that asked us if we could relate the extreme discriminationRead more

“It’s not the Sea of Japan. It’s the East Sea.”

“As you guys can see on the map, the Korean peninsula here was divided between a Soviet-blacked government in the North and an American-blacked government in the South…” It was another typical day at Episcopal, and I was sitting in my AP US History class, gazing at the map on the screen. Mr. Reynolds was pointing at a map that shows the Korean peninsula, the place where I come from, while explaining the containment policy during the Cold War. IRead more