Sendai, the city of harmony and nature

Probably the best part of speaking four languages at an advanced to native level is that I am able to be involved in a variety of activities that connect one culture to another. One of such opportunities was to translate a Japanese website into Korean and introduce Japanese cultural heritages and history to Korean web-users. Since a few months ago, I’ve been proofreading Korean translations of Sendai Tourism Website.

Sendai is an economic and cultural center of Japan. Located in the Tohoku (northeastern) region, Sendai is one of the most famous modern cities that has the perfect harmony with nature. Hirose river that runs through central Sendai and lush Zelkova trees that line the city represent amazing scenery of the city. Every year, a number of tourists visit Sendai, intrigued by Jozenji street full of Zelkova street and Jogi Noyorai that embodies the history of Japan. Sendai is also famous for its hot springs such as Akiu and Sakunami resorting near downtown Sendai. Hotels and Japanese traditional inns (Ryokan) offer comfortable big baths along with beautiful scenery.

Want to get to know more about Sendai? Please take a look at Sendai Tourism Website!

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