10 Million Against Me

I still remember the eyes of the belligerent, old lady piercing through me with disgust. “Go back to your country, you Japanese bitch.” She called me a bitch in front of strangers passing by in the street. Listening to the tsunami of such vulgar words, I stood frozen in time, seared with an embarrassment that I had never felt in my life. I wanted to scream back at her. Tell her I was doing the right thing for my ownRead more

Museum Docent at the National Gugak Center

It hasn’t hit on me yet that my sophomore year of high school has come to an end. As soon as school ended, I headed back to Seoul for summer. This summer will be significant to my high school career; I have been planning on various activities to pursue my passion in a myriad of fields that all boil down to my main concern in the lack of appreciation of traditional values and cultures in Korea. Ever since I first startedRead more