The Eye Experiment

Silkscreen experiment 1
Silkscreen expriment 2


My concentration focuses on the symbol of an ‘odd eye’ that captures both traditional and postmodern cultural phenomena. I created this symbol to demonstrate that traditional cultures are not just the thing of the past, but can harmoniously come together with postmodern ideas. By incorporating the traditional Korean designs and contemporary designs, I used various media and techniques to portray how the two distinctively different styles can create a unique harmony.

I thought about the way that Brancusi simplified forms, but also gave the forms meaning. In the same way, I started with creating a symbol of an eye by simplifying the form with geometric lines. Then I portrayed the symbol in various techniques by using contemporary production, methods like silk screening and incorporating the silk screens with traditional Korean folk patterns. Like Andy Warhol, I used silk screening in a painterly way and used the drips as forms to draw on. While creating a combination of traditional and contemporary designs, I experimented with printed, painted, and drawn forms. I also used stencils and methods of subtraction and addition. In C10, for instance, I merged two silk screens into one image through addition and subtraction, subtracting from both and adding the missing part of each to one another. When you look at C3 and C6, you can see that not all the parts of the stencil was used, but the form was still able to remain strong, because an added layer of drawing around it and the color yellow kept it strong compositionally. If you look at C 4, you can see how I used the silk screen to paint. Different colors were dragged through the screen to give a painterly effect. Then a clean, clear form was silk screened on top of the painterly texture, balancing experimentations with precision.

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