Syrian Refugees Relief Fund: Handmade ‘Minhwa’ fans on sale!

“ We all know the facts. I don’t need to tell you about the 5 million Syrians who were exiled from their homes; I don’t need to tell you about the 13.5 million people still trapped within Syria who require immediate humanitarian aid. Now, it’s time to act out. It’s time to make a change. Let’s do it by starting from what we can do.” We are living in a world where the Syrian refugees are running away from the bulletsRead more

Amnesty International sponsors ‘One Day One Goal’ soccer game on the International Peace Day

On September 21th, the EHS chapter of Amnesty International sponsored the ‘One Day One Goal’ soccer game between Episcopal High School and Landon School in celebration of the International Peace Day. More than 30 students got together to play and cheer for the two teams, joining the worldwide movement in spreading peace and encouraging students to pay attention to human right issues happening right around us. We believe that the soccer game became a great opportunity for everyone to got together andRead more