The 1st International Festival at EHS

From March 28 to April 1, the Cultural Ambassador Committee at Episcopal High School hosted the 1st International Festival to appreciate the cultures of 15 countries represented by our students. After three months of bringing different student clubs, contacting to performance groups outside of school, and planning decorations and activities, we could create an event that provides the school community to enjoy various cultures and promote diversity. Take a look at our video! EHS Website Article on the International WeekRead more

EHS International Week (3/27-4/2)

The Cultural Ambassador Committee is hosting the 1st International Festival from 3/27 to 4/2 on campus to appreciate the cultures of 13 countries Episcopal students come from. Each day of the week is assigned to each continent, and we’ll celebrate the art, food, and music of the countries represented by our students. We hope this to be an event that raises awareness on diversity, and give a voice to all students with various backgrounds.Read more

2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

I’m happy to announce that I won a Gold Key for mix media and two Honorable Mention awards for design and drawing & illustration at the 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing competition. Please take a look at my self-portrait “Remembering Home,” collage “Lost in the City,” and logo design “Episcopal High School” on my blog! Gold Key (Mixed Media) “Remembering Home” Honorable Mention (Design&Illustration) “Lost in the City” Honorable Mention (Design) “School Logo: Episcopal High School”Read more

One Stroke of a Brush

I still remember the day my mom got so mad when I announced that I would break our family tradition and be a rebel. She asked me if I knew what I was doing. She said I was out of my mind if I could not even realize I was dismissing the greatest opportunity in my life and abandoning years of effort I had put to art. She was deeply disappointed that I was firmly determined not to follow theRead more

My Minhwa artworks on the Daemon

At the end of the school year, I was lucky enough to have my artworks published on the Daemon, the annual literary magazine of Episcopal High School. These are the two pieces of Korean traditional art I worked on last year. It was such a pleasure to introduce Asian art to the school community and have my works displayed besides poems and proses written by my classmates. Next year, as an AP studio art student and the vice president of the Student AssociationRead more

Is there racism in Korea?

Earlier this year, the sophomore class at Episcopal had a group discussion on one of our summer reading books called ‘A Lesson Before Dying’ by Ernest J. Gaines. We had an in-depth discussion on the heartbreaking novel about a young, uneducated African American who was wrongfully convicted of rubbery because of mere color of his skin. In the middle of the hour-long talk, someone in my table threw out a question that asked us if we could relate the extreme discriminationRead more

“It’s not the Sea of Japan. It’s the East Sea.”

“As you guys can see on the map, the Korean peninsula here was divided between a Soviet-blacked government in the North and an American-blacked government in the South…” It was another typical day at Episcopal, and I was sitting in my AP US History class, gazing at the map on the screen. Mr. Reynolds was pointing at a map that shows the Korean peninsula, the place where I come from, while explaining the containment policy during the Cold War. IRead more