“Skyscrapers and Peony”

On this piece, I tried to express the discrepancy between what I envision as the ‘real’ and ‘ideal’ Seoul. You could easily tell that the upper part of the piece represents the polluted city that almost lost its identity. There are trees, rocks, and rivers that appear on Korean traditional artworks on the mid-lower part of the piece; these are the symbols of neglected traditions of the country. In the center, there’s me, gazing at the peony blossom on my hands. The flowerRead more

My Minhwa artworks on the Daemon

At the end of the school year, I was lucky enough to have my artworks published on the Daemon, the annual literary magazine of Episcopal High School. These are the two pieces of Korean traditional art I worked on last year. It was such a pleasure to introduce Asian art to the school community and have my works displayed besides poems and proses written by my classmates. Next year, as an AP studio art student and the vice president of the Student AssociationRead more

Museum Docent at the National Gugak Center

It hasn’t hit on me yet that my sophomore year of high school has come to an end. As soon as school ended, I headed back to Seoul for summer. This summer will be significant to my high school career; I have been planning on various activities to pursue my passion in a myriad of fields that all boil down to my main concern in the lack of appreciation of traditional values and cultures in Korea. Ever since I first startedRead more

Korea Day at the Freer and Sackler Galleries

It was another balmy spring day in Washington DC. Hundreds of visitors were lining up in the front garden of Sackler Gallery, holding fans and kites with Korean traditional decorations. It was the ‘Korean Day’ of the year, an annual family festival that introduces Korean traditions through various cultural activities. This year, the gallery prepared a wide spectrum of activities from hands-on art program to Gayageum (가야금, Korean traditional music instrument) performance, to increase awareness on Korean cultures. As aRead more